Radiator Thermostat

Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 51 x 51 x 92 mm
Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 101 x 54 x 99 mm
Article net weight 0.135 Kg
Article gross weight 0.236 Kg
IP-Rating IP20
Product information "Radiator Thermostat"

Increase comfort while saving energy. With the Radiator Thermostat, you can achieve both and always get the right temperature in your rooms. Intelligently linked with sensors and individual heating plans, you only heat up when it is really necessary and only so much that your well-being temperature is kept stable.

The Radiator Thermostat is simply placed on the radiator and then controls the heating to a predetermined temperature, which is set locally on the device by means of buttons or remotely via the Z-Wave system. In addition to direct temperature input, special heating modes such as frost protection or energy saving can be selected. The set nominal temperature is displayed directly on the device on an LCD display. An internal temperature sensor also measures the current actual temperature, which is then transmitted to the control centre. Other intelligent functions include the detection of open windows with appropriate switching to the energy-saving mode or a valve training function, which ensures that valves are still controllable even after a long period of non-use. Of course, you can also activate the heater when you are on the road if you come home earlier than planned.

The Radiator Thermostat can be easily connected to valves with RA (30x1.5) or RAK (Danfoss snap) connections. To exchange status messages, the device expects a regular radio connection to an IP gateway. Unlike other radiator thermostats, this thermostat has a built-in temperature sensor, which transmits the currently measured temperature to the Z-Wave control panel.

The cheapest energy is the one that is not consumed at all. With the radiator thermostat, you can reach your individual well-being temperature at any time, control your heating when you're on the move or automate it, thus saving any amount of energy that would otherwise be wasted unnecessarily.


Z-Wave certified Radiator Thermostat 
Easy retrofitting on heating panels
Built-in temperature sensor 
Backlight LED screen
Keylock as child protection


Up to 2 years of battery lifetime 
2x AA Alkaline batteries (included)
M30 × 1.50 and RA 2000 adapter (included)
Dimensions: 51×51×71mm
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