Smoke Sensor with siren function

Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 100.91 x 40 x 100.91 mm
Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 140.5 x 64 x 137.45 mm
Article net weight 0.107 Kg
Article gross weight 0.257 Kg
Z-Wave Plus
IP-Rating IP20
Product information "Smoke Sensor with siren function"

When a fire breaks out, the Smoke Sensor with siren function can save lives. In the case of smoke by fire every second counts to extinguish small fires itself, or to bring themselves and others to safety.

An inattentive moment or a short circuit that can not be prevented: The potential causes of household fires are manifold. Open fire from candles or fireplaces, a forgotten iron, various kitchen appliances or other electrical appliances can unintentionally trigger fires.

 The Smoke Sensor with siren function detects reliably smoke developments and developing fires. In an emergency, it alerts acoustically and automatically sends a signal to all smoke detectors in range, so that they also trigger an alarm. This ensures that all persons, even on a different floor or at night while sleeping, perceive the alarm sound.

Thanks to Z-Wave technology, you can use the Smart Home Center to carry out further actions in the event of an alarm. Secure escape routes by illuminating them automatically, raising blinds and shutters and unlocking doors. 

In addition to the smoke detection function, this Z-Wave device can also be used as an independent indoor siren and integrated into an existing security system. Independently of the control unit, you can link the smoke detector to other sensors such as window and door contacts or motion detectors in your Z-Wave Smart Home. 

Smoke detectors can save lives, because every second counts in the case of a fire. Make your home or place at work safer with a Smoke Sensor with siren function. 


Z-Wave Plus certified Smoke Sensor with siren function
Mesh function with other smoke detectors of this type possible
Functions as an independent indoor siren for other alarms than smoke
Easy mounting on ceilings
Soundlevel: 85 db / 3 m
LED signal and test button
Possibility to be mains powered with external power adapter


Up to 2 years battery lifetime
Extendable with power adapter to be mains powered 
9 V battery (included)
Z-Wave FLIRS device
DIN EN 14604 certified smoke detector
Dimensions: 106×35×106mm 
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