Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter

Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 53.35 x 69.22 x 83.5 mm
Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 57.3 x 79.3 x 92.5 mm
Article net weight 0.221 Kg
Article gross weight 0.248 Kg
Z-Wave Plus
IP-Rating IP20
Product information "Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter"

The Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter can be used in many automation scenes which make your life more comfortable.

The Smart Meter is an extremely versatile and powerful instrument for measuring energy in a three-phase power network with up to 65A. A built-in microprocessor calculates the reactive energy, the power and the power factor with the measured signals. The Smart Meter is designed so that it can be mounted on a top-hat rail.

The Qubino Smart Meter can be used in residential, industrial and commercial facilities. It permanently measures the current and the actual voltage directly in a 3-phase three-phase network. It calculates the current and total power, the power factor PHI and reactive energy which is actually consumed. The control via Z-Wave allows separately available relays to be controlled as well as to evaluate the measurement results from the device.


Z-Wave Plus;
Secure 2;
EU frequency: 868.42 MHz;
Package content: 1x Qubino 3-Phase Smart Meter;
Main terminals (1I, L2I, L3I, NI, L1O, L2O, L3O, NO);
Contacts capacity: 2.5...16 (25);
Connection screws: M5;
Max torque: 3.5 Nm;
Optional terminals (DI, DO);
Contact capacity: 1…2.5 qmm;
Connection screws: M3;
Max torque: 1.2 Nm;
Measuring input;
Type (connection): three phases (4u);
Reference current (Iref): 5 A;
Maximum current (Imax): 65 A;
Minimum current (Imin): 0.25 A;
Starting current: 20 mA;
Voltage (Un): 230 V (±15-20%);
Power consumption at Un: < 8 VA;
Nominal frequency (fn): 50 and 60 Hz;
IKA232-20/230 V  (GOAEIKA23220);
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