Zipato Backup Extension Module Zipabox

Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 63 x 85 x 47 mm
Article net weight 0.040 Kg
Article gross weight 0.200 Kg

Product information "Zipato Backup Extension Module (für Zipabox)"

The Backup Extension Module maintains the Zipato Zipabox’s functions during network breakdown or power blackout. The extension module is a rechargeable battery, which allows uninterrupted power supply (USV) for around 24 hours. 

The module has an additional USB port for connection of a USB 3G stick. That can be used for internet backup in case of local internet connection breakdown.

Furthermore, the backup module is equipped with a tamper protection sensor, which detects and reports shock and vibration.


Extension module for Zipato Zipabox (ZIP_Zipabox-G1)

Maintains Zipabox functionality during network breakdown or power blackout

Rechargeable battery allows uninterrupted power supply (USV) for around 24 hours

USB port for 3G USB stick connection (internet backup option)

Tamper protection

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broken seal,

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missing accessories,

minimal signs of wear,

no current software version.

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