Vision PIR-Sensor Gen 5

70,00 лв.
Article Dimensions (WxHxL) 62 x 85 x 50 mm
Package Dimensions (WxHxL) 118 x 92 x 58 mm
Article net weight 0.063 Kg
Article gross weight 0.113 Kg
Z-Wave Plus
IP-Rating IP20

This motion detector (PIR = passive infrared receiver) detects the presence of a person in a room. The units send information to a controller or any other associated Z-Wave device. Up to 4 devices can be controlled from this device. Beside the motion detector function the device also works as temperature sensor. The installation can be done with screws or double-sided tape. The device is battery-operated and therefore in sleeping mode unless an action is detected. After a programmable sleeping time the device wakes up and sends a status information. After this the unit goes back to sleeping modus. Batteries can be changed without unscrewing the device. The unit will give a visual warning on the device and sends a warning to the Z-Wave controller

Vision Security
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