Network controller PAM-E12.NET (1 built-in Em Marin reader)

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Weight 0.5 kg
Doors: 1
Number of readers: 2
Card reader interface: Wiegand 26/34
Fire alarm Inputs/Outputs, pcs.: 1/1
Alarm inputs/outputs: -/-


It is a high-quality and reliable controller for readers with interface Wiegand 26/34, which compliants EM-Marin standard for identifiers.

This controller provides a 1 door and two card readers operating on a frequency of 125 kHz (EM-Marin). The non-volatile memory is designed for storing up to 30,000 users and 60,000 events, and also stores all information for up to 10 years without the use of a power source.

The controller is equipped with interfaces to connect fire alarm and 3.5 A lock relay. Additional user safety is provided by fire door unlocks. Remote monitoring of the device is available via TCP/IP network interface having unlimited switching distance. The required settings and functions of the controller are configured via Partizan free software.

Model PAM-E12.NET can operate in wide temperature range: -20 to +50°C; in addition, the device is made according to IP55 standard, which prevents penetration of dust and moisture. The warranty period of the controller is increased to 3 years, that proves the unprecedented quality and reliability of components.

Doors: 1
Number of readers: 2
Card reader interface: Wiegand 26/34
Exit button: 1
Fire alarm Inputs/Outputs, pcs.: 1/1
Alarm Inputs/Outputs, pcs.: -/-
Ethernet: +
Dimensions: 125x83x22mm, 90g
Housing material: High-quality plastic
Additional advantages: 3 years warranty


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